Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Moving On, Up and Out

Back again at Lost Island.
Sun is feeling ill-
Wonder if she ate some bad fish?

Sayid improves his gardening performance.

Our Waiter Hurley brings home a new friend.
*Nice to see you alive, Goopy*.

Kate and Sayid work on their body skills.
Really Kate- it doesn't look that hard.

The Silent Man works his way through the Medical track.

Hurley gets a Silver badge in Fishing, finally he can change bait!

Confirmation that Sun didn't really eat bad fish.

Jack adds some fruit trees to his garden- which is in need of much attention.

and surprises everyone when he finally starts being sociable.

Pregnancy is taking it's toll on Sun.
The heat of the summer is really wiping her out.

But the cooler evenings bring her alive a little and she earns a bronze in gardening.

Really Sayid, checking out Kate when your knocked up partner is just a few feet away.
It Must be Others Day-

Aww- it's our man Hurley who's leaving the Island.

Kate was sad to see Hurley go but carried on in her 'who-can-wear-the-most-stupid-costume-to-work' career.

All that tending is paying off for Jack.
We'll be needing more food in the fridge now that a baby is about to be born...

It's a Girl
and another girl...
Why Me? Why? WHY?!!!*
this is gonna be hard.

As if that shock wasn't enough Sayid had one of his own-
shame it happened too fast for me to snap his zap.
At this point I exited the house- I needed to lie down.

But found this hugely amusing when I returned.
Haha- talk about being left holding the baby.
or babies...

Back to some kind of sanity and Sayid is getting so many promotions I'm losing track- I think he's a Senior Officer here.

Kate too gets the coolest of her costumes and is now a Dread Pirate.

Jack continues to fill the fridge with his harvested goods.
Points are tight now, and it's Others Day again.

Awww it's Kate- off to seek out new adventures elsewhere.

Of course no day is complete without a storm and fire or two.

Jack was actually giggling at Tiani here on the floor.
She grew up into a cool seasons outfit, but bald.

Trina too is a cutie- not much of a shock with her parent's being so cute and all.
Just as I was figuring out how to juggle work/babies Rescue Day came along.

Sayid is edging the lead and chose to rescue his good buddy Hurley.

Excellent timing- Sayid, Sun and Jack head to work and leave Hurley babysitting.

He's 'cool uncle for the day'.

Sun got a promotion to Substitute Teacher-
yay- level 3... lol.
Better news for Sayid who became Senior Officer today.

Then promptly got zapped again kindly for a photoshoot-
twice actually.

wow- do Knowledge Sims want to be struck by lightning?
He got bonus points for his two strikes, and lived to tell the tale.

Obligatory cute sleeping-on-the-floor shots.

Poor Tiani was so tired she didn't even hit the floor.
Must just add that I took so few shots of the kids as it was hard work enough just keeping them alive and not being taken away.

After a day of babysitting hell Hurley legs it out of the Island faster than you can say 'taxi!'.

Another disastrous chance card and Sun is demoted.
She's never going to hit the top of this career me thinks.

Sayid however is our career star-
Can you say General?
*fingers crossed*.

Jack prefers to work on his garden than help in any other area of Island Life.

Getting Gold means he can now talk his plants into becoming Mouthwatering.

ewww.. bugs.
These were actually on the other side of the road- I hadn't spotted them, but Sun did.
She was thrilled.

The Twins grow up- and amazingly well.
They both learnt to walk, and that was about it. lol.

Very cute no?

No rest for the wicked as they immediately get to work on some skilling.
Making up for lost time- no toddler toys for these kiddies.

Jack dragged himself away from his beloved plantlife to gain another promotion.
Go Jack.

The Island- complete now with all items on the list.
When Sawyer was first returned I added some trees- but then just used familyfunds to reduce their money.

Sun helps the girls with their homework in their little bedroom shed.

Whoa! He did it!
Way to go Sayid.
'That's General Sayid to you'.
But that means it's Others Day too....

Awww- we say goodbye to our Green Fingered Guy, Jack.
How cool that the twins still have their parents here.

No Slackers in a Military Man's home, super active Trina maxes out her body.

With only 3 days left until the final Others day our remaining two work hard to try and figure out how to boost their points.
Sayid gets Silver in Gardening...

and Fishing...

Meanwhile our first mouthwatering crop of oranges is ready.
Mostly thanks to Jack.

But Sun too works her way to Silver.
She also got another promotion at work and is now an Elementary School Teacher.
(Guess we didn't get a chance card that day).

What day would be complete without Sayid saving the day, really?
Our Final Day.
Who Will be Leaving and Who Will be the Ultimate Survivor?

*Is that a paper I see Sun?- looking for a new home?*

And if you didn't guess- it's Sayid that is our Ultimate Survivor and Winner!
'That's General Sayid'.
So there we are- check out the scores and final musings.


ruby said...

Wow you got him to General, I'm so impressed! He's so handsome *fanning self*

Shaunna said...

Gotta love that my man takes it to the end! LOVED it. Really funny that Jack was the quiet one...so very unlike his character on the show.

The twins are adorable! Great work!

Rachel said...

Twins!!! OH MY GAWD!!!! You know they're really too much to comment on. The girls are adorable! I loved Uncle Hurley. Nice job getting the lightning picture! YEs knowledge sims do want to be hit by lightning, crazy. So cool that Sun And Sayid were the last two left. Gotta look at the score now, but I think you beat me.

Jacqueline said...

How, how sweet that the twins got to keep their parents throughout. How traumatic that would have been!

Great story!