Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Final Score

Lost Island- where it seemed to rain permanently.
Let's check out the scores of our 8 plane crash survivors.

Sawyer was first to go.
1,000 asp points.
He had no points when he left but on his Rescue Day managed a couple of skills and a bronze fishing badge- 1 point.
No Career came up for Sawyer.

Charlie wasn't far behind Sawyer but didn't seem to do as well.
*Space cadet*.
1,000 asp points.
Bronze fishing- 1 point.
No career came up for Charlie.

Locke made it to Multi-Regional Sim of Some Question (level 3) before he left.
Bronze fishing- 1 pt.
6,250 asp points.

Hurley got 8,250 asp points
He made it as far as Waiter (level 5).
Silver fishing badge- 2 points

Kate got 15,250 asp points.
Made it to Dread Pirate (level 6)
Bronze fishing- 1 point.

Jack got 22,500 aspiration points.
Made it to Specialist (level 7)
Bronze fishing- 1 point
Gold gardening - 5 points

Sun got 43,250 aspiration points.
Elementary School Teacher (level 4)
Silver fishing- 2 points
Silver gardening - 2 points

Our Winner- General Sayid.
45,750 aspiration points. *would have had more but he used one thinking cap*
1 skill maxed- 2 points
Silver fishing- 2 points
Silver gardening- 2 points
Top of Career- 7 points
Altogether we got;
145,250 aspiration points- 14 points
5 bronze badges- 5 points
5 silver badges- 10 points
1 gold badge- 5 points
I skill maxed - 2 points
Every item on list- 5 points
1 Top of Career- 7 points
Total- 48 points.
After the challenge ended the 'spare' Sims all moved to their own places while Sun, Sayid and their Twins remained on the Island.
I built them a house and a greenhouse.

and introduced the remaining Seasons to the 'hood.
I wonder if Palm Trees lose their leaves?! ;)


Val said...

Congratulations on a successful finish! Of course you know you had me cracking up that you came up with twins yet again! I swear you always seem to get them just when you really dont need them! lol

Thanks so much for sharing your blog as always I enjoyed it immensely!

Shaunna said...

Great house! I am so geeked that you did that for Sayid and Sun and the twins! It looks great.

Awesome score BTW. 48 eh? excellent work. What a fun read.

Rachel said...

You kicked my botty, way to go! And you even had twins to deal with. Nice work indeed. I hope you'll come to the live podcast Tuesday night. :)

Mandie said...

I loved this challenge! But I have a question..where do I find the rules for the challenge? And the lot? I'd love to give it a shot!