Friday, 30 March 2007

The Best Laid Plans...

Welcome back to The Island where last time disaster was about to threaten the lives of our remaining 7 survivors.
It was working...
Our 3 Knowledge sims had simultaneous breakdowns, let's check out their happy faces shall we?

C'mon guys and gal, hold it together.

Once our Therapists had left the Island Sayid got back to fishing for his supper, while Jack helped him out after a long day of cleaning bedpans.

Enough money was acquired to 'find' a few more items from the hatch.
Typically ex-Rock star Charlie is wearing snazzy pj's.
*Silk pyjamas Charlie?*
'Yeah- you know, once you wear silk you never go back'.

Jack got a promotion to Paramedic and upon his return was eager to start a vegetable garden.
*You don't like fish?*
'I'm sick of eating fish'.
*well stop talking and get planting then, and when you are done, fill in that hole that Kirby is making*.

After Charlie's brief nap he's up and working on badges again.

As is our man Hurley. Neither are yet to find their careers.

Sayid finds Military.
'Soon you will call me General Sayid I think'.
*yeah, right*.

Sun- the silver spooned Goddess could not control the children in her playground and was promptly fired!
*mutters about stupid chance cards*

Sayid and Hurley enjoy a new game called Marco Polo, fun and skill building.

Kate tries her luck with Hurley, but he's not impressed- the newly found phone is ringing, the toilet is broken and the yard is a mess.
*learn to pick your moments Kate*.

Jack finds a chess board and happily plods on with his skills.

Kate found a better moment and her and Hurley cooled off in the summer heat with a water balloon fight.

A burst of Aspiration points for our Knowledge sims- we can only surmise that Kirby the wolf is back.

Locke and Charlie get in on the Marco Polo thing- a game we haven't yet figured out. Charlie seemed a little worried when Locke sank to the bottom of the pool but I guess that's part of the game unless Locke really is drowning.

Jack is now a Nurse and greets anyone that walks past to try to befriend them for promotions.

Locke too is moving on up and is now a Spelunker.
*What is a Spelunker?*

As Sun burns the fish supper Sayid is the only one who keeps his cool while the others dance around like morons.

'Oh Sayid- you are so brave and strong, and you do suit purple'.
*Really, you're going with that?*

Hurley and Kate have been rather quiet- where are they sneaking off to?

'Oh great- fish again'.
*not to worry Sun- soon you'll be able to have fish with a side of tomatoes*
*Do I detect a hint of sarcasm?*
'no- not a hint'.

'Look at my six pack- soon you will call me General I think'.
*rolls eyes*.
All too soon Friday rolls around and the Others are coming-
who will they take?

It's Charlie- just a pitiful 1,000 points for him.

*Ah- there you two are*
'Hey! Get out Lady!'.
*ok- keep your shirt on*
'I'm not wearing one'
*oh yeah- and why is there an arrow sticking through your lip? I didn't know Kate liked piercings*

Locke is going great guns with his promotions and enabling us to 'find' lots of lost things.

Sayid's role in the Elite Forces called for some quick thinking and he was rewarded nicely.

He got another promotion later that day too.

While Jack's at work Sayid helps tend the garden.
'My Eastern edible will soon have tomatoes with her fish I think'.

10 years later and Kate actually looked for a job- she found Adventurer and Hurley's Culinary was also available today too, so he took it.
Ok- not 10 years later- 7 days.
Felt like 10 years.

Sayid brought a new friend home from work and Jack got promoted to Intern.

Sayid needs mechanical points so is first to test out the dummy.
'I will soon be General I think'.
Oh no- It's Other's Day again.

The Others have chosen to take Locke-
Just as he was starting to grow on me.

Sun finally found Education again- we hope this time she won't be so foolish to fall for those Playground Bullies again.

*What's for breakfast?*
Kate can't resist but spill the beans about her and Hurley making out.

Sun seeks out Sayid once more and decides that if Kate and Hurley are getting it together than why can't she and Sayid?
'Just call me General'.

Hurley gets his first promotion.
Monday comes around- it's Rescue day! Time to steal back one that the Others have taken.

Jack has the most aspiration points so far and as you can see he isn't the most sociable of Sims- however it's Sawyer who he likes the most, and so Sawyer is returned to The Island.

Jack gets to harvest his first crop of tomatoes- bland they may be, but tomatoes they are.
*Sun will be thrilled*.
'At my bronze badge or the tomatoes?'
*Both I imagine, now you can plant something else*.
'What goes with fish?'
*umm.. chips?*
'Thanks- great help you are'.
.... *anytime*.

Sayid catches a Rainbow Trout- shame no one has enough cooking skills to actually cook it yet, but still.
Sawyer also managed a bronze fishing badge, then found a new painting easel and worked on earning some pennies.

Kate has been silently working her way through the ranks of 'how-many-ridiculous-costumes-can-one-career-have?'.
She also brings Locke home quite often.

Which pleases his best buddy Sayid.
Though I'm not sure that Locke has ever been that close to another human before- judging by the look on his face.

Hurley is also moving through the ranks- but even after endless games of Marco Polo is yet to lose his belly.

Sayid and Sun take things to the next level.
*confession time- I was so busy lining up actions for everyone else that instead of clicking 'woohoo' I clicked on 'try for baby'.
I think I'll be safe though- I mean, how many Sims get pregnant on a first try?
Not many if you are a Black Widow that's for sure*.
We'll be fine.
*crosses fingers and wishes I'd had sound up at the time*.

Oh- it's Other's Day yet again.
Sawyer leaves once more.
Like a yo-yo that guy.

huh- not the sign I was hoping for.
I don't suppose this could be good news.
Join me next time to find out!


ASimWen said...

Vererry Interesting! LOL I love these LOST blogs!

Val said...

Great work! Your survivors seem to be doing well in spite of surviving on fish ;-)
I do wonder how Sun will raise her little on on the island,don't you just love life's little "ooops"!

Jacqueline said...

Oh no, baby! What an interesting turn of events!

Rachel said...

Oh I loved it! Kate & Hurley, interesting. And Sun & Sayid, they are meant for each other. Jack like Sawyer the most, um, interesting. Oh no Sun's pregnant! Good luck, I hope babies and toddlers sleeping on the floor don't bother you.

Shaunna said...

ROFL! Charlie in his snazzy silk pjs! Too funny. Fish with a side of tomatoes...that is great. And Hurley and Kate are an interesting combo.

Another great update...can't wait to see how it all ends.