Saturday, 29 March 2008

The Beginning

Flight 815 has crash landed in the middle of the jungle- 8 survivors make it through to 'The Island'.
Who will survive? and are there Others out there?
Let's meet the Survivors....

Sun was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but locked in a loveless marriage she dreamed of escape.
Now she has- will she find love on the Island, or more heartbreak?

Sawyer- a conman who cares for nothing and no-one. He'd sell his own Granny if he had one.
Will Sawyer strike it rich on the Island, or strike out?

A classic broken home survivor, Locke is hugely independent.
He believes those that survived did so for a reason.
The truth? Years of too much Valium? Or just stating the obvious?

Kate- incarcerated for causing the death of a loved one, Kate's escape came with the downfall of Flight 815.
Will Island Life suit or is there really no way out for Kate?

Charlie found that one hit record was enough to send him to new heights, and drugs to even higher ones.
Will he come down gently on the Island or go for complete burnout?

When Hurley's numbers came up on the Lottery he thought he was set for life.
But disappointment and disaster has followed him ever since.
Will the curse of those numbers break now he's on the Island, or will 815 become his new unlucky number?

Sayid- Known for his ruthless exploits and ability to extract information, Sayid is certain that he is most qualified to become the ultimate survivor. He knows little fear- except that which haunts his mind.

Jack- A medical expert dedicating his life to saving others.
In his spare time Jack enjoys fishing and gardening.

As the survivors began to mingle they scored a few aspiration points with the purchase of a fridge.
*as I had a little too much in the funds department I wasted it down to 1,500 on plant life for the pond before buying the bare necessities*.

Sun scores the first catch with a manky old boot.

Sawyer quickly gets bored and decides to sunbathe.

Kate too is easily distracted and goes to meet a passer by.

Every survivor must get a job and each are assigned a career already.
Jack's is the only one to come up today and as a former Doctor he is of course going into the Medical field.

'Whoa- it's like... raining'.

First thunderstorm and valuable aspiration points are lost with the onslaught of fire.

Locke amuses himself with the simple things in life.

Kate heads poolside while Hurley and Sayid play catch.

Unknown to the other survivors, Sayid had made the allotted 3 meals- put 2 away for later and has completely emptied the fridge.

It's only just after 1pm on day 1 and Sawyer is already out begging for money.

Sun does a 'scope' and finds Sayid to be the most attractive man on the Island.

Sawyer has no such tendencies toward Charlie.

Back to fishing- Kate hasn't really quite figured it out yet.

A few fish were sold and we found the secret hatch which holds some goods for our survivors.
They were allowed a shower on this occasion.
'Get in line Charlie'.

Sun seeks the advice of Professor Von Ball.
*let us know what his advice is 'k Sun?*

A double bed was also found and as Jack is the only one getting up to go to work he gets priority.

Hurley gets a nice boost of points- not sure what for.

Locke hits bronze and helps stock the fridge.

Sawyer is still out there....
way out there....

Kate finally stayed on her feet long enough to gain her first badge.

Sayid joins Jack.
no complaints from Jack- guess they are all too tired.

Meanwhile other survivors will have to make do with sleeping on the floor.
*hey- at least it's stopped raining*.

Early morning and Jack burns the first meal on the newly found grill.
*mmm...burnt fish*.

The Others are here already for a Survivor.
Checking through the aspiration points and it's Sawyer with the least amount. Like 0.
No surprise there.

*Umm.. Sawyer? wakey wakey- time to leave*

Jack was starving too but couldn't get to his burnt fish meal as Kate had passed out and was in the way.
*never mind Jack- hopefully they'll feed you at work if you're really good*.

Sawyer finally woke up and left.
It was a shock to see that some of the survivors would miss him.

Meanwhile Locke and Hurley have taken over the double bed.

'what are you eating?'
'Burnt fish'.
'oh.. yum'.
Sun found her job in the Education field today.

Locke found Adventurer but doesn't start until tomorrow. Kate was in too bad of a mood to look and almost bit my head off when I suggested it.

Meanwhile it's raining again- everyone's happy. (not).

They strive on and Sayid earns a badge.

Locke enjoys a nice swim to work on those body points.
'Can I get out now?'
*no- you need one body skill*
'But it's raining'
*But you're already wet!*
*dumb ass*.

*Umm.. I thought you were in too bad a mood to job hunt*
Kate gave me that glare- you know- that glare.

Disaster has struck the Island once more.
Another fire, lots of trees, no smoke alarm and no phone.
Will the remaining survivors Survive?
Find out next time.

*Thanks to Rachel, for the lot and the Sims* :)


Rachel said...

You're welcome! I love seeing them again!

Apparently I've had the easiest time with the start of the challenge. This had me laughing all the way through though. I loved seeing everyone climbing into the double bed together. Those aspiration hits are rough and the aspiration deprevations all a round.

I wonder if Sun and Sayid will get together in your challenge too?

ASimWen said...

I am having alot of fun reading everyone's try at the LOST challenge. :)

Simsation said...

Terrific! I'm glad to see you're enjoying it too. Can't wait to read the rest of it.

Val said...

Hi Karen
I just love your character descriptions, they are fantastic! I can tell already that this is a very entertaining group, it looks like you are having so much fun playing!

Shaunna said...

I am trying to figure out how to blog my challenge and I was laughing thru yours, so nice work!

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